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Alliesonline has recently relocated further north along the beautiful and more isolated California Coast!

During this time of transition, we have visualized our business being more of a service to our community. Although we will continue to offer most of our renowned botanical products, Alliesonline is expanding to include more rare and powerful herbal medicines, as well as other important remedies from various integrative treatment modalities.

Traditional botanical remedies have proven remarkably beneficial. We remain in awe of the vast knowledge acquired by indigenous people throughout the world, and honor these rich healing traditions. Our intention has always been to collect and preserve rare plant species of ethnobotanical significance. We are therefore pleased to offer new plant allies that honor that commitment.

Plant Allies and Pandemic Influenza

When news of the Mexican Swine Flu first surfaced in March '09 it sent shock waves around the globe. Many of us understand how devastating severe pandemics can be and how limited the treatment options are.

Despite the development of vaccines and antiviral drugs, controversy continues to surround these approaches.

Most of us are already well aware of the limits of pharmaceutical interventions, and most likely would not choose an allopathic approach when treating influenza. Vaccines, while theoretically of benefit, are more often contaminated with unwanted additives. In addition, the inability of governments and business to produce vaccines in time to defend against ever changing viral attacks makes the consideration of alternative treatments imperative.

Antivirals such as Tamiflu and Relenza (pharmaceuticals) are the only FDA approved treatment for the current strain of influenza. Unfortunately, they are in limited supply and their safety and effectiveness has been questioned.

Alternative Treatments

Given these issues, we decided to do some additional research in order to find out what other alternatives existed for treating pandemic influenza. We discovered extraordinary herbs that proved safe and effective during past pandemics (especially during the 1918 "Spanish Flu").

While we can not claim that the products we offer will "cure" influenza, we are confident that, if used properly, they will certainly be of tremendous benefit. Alliesonline therefore intends to provide our clients with the best products available along with the most up-to-date treatment instructions for specific signs and symptoms of this flu (not everyone will have the same symptoms and they may change as the virus mutates.)

We are confident you will benefit from a more integrative approach and we encourage your willingness to discover and draw upon the universal healing forces connecting body, mind and spirit.

Influenza pandemics and other infectious diseases are emerging threats we must learn how to prepare for. Given current circumstances, we strongly recommend doing so as soon as possible.

A Time for Awakening

In the midst of crisis we see the potential for transformation. As we adapt and overcome the many levels of "illness" in our world, we also see a time of rebirth, healing and awakening for our communities. We urge everyone to take responsibility for their own healthcare and do all they can to insure they have the necessary treatment information and remedies available prior to the emergence of a more lethal virus.

Allies remains steadfast in our commitment to provide the highest quality products available. We are pleased to offer these "sacred medicines" - powerful, naturally occurring antimicrobials and other complimentary herbal products from around the world. We sincerely believe these medicines will be of immense benefit to all our friends and family while helping to insure our sacred birthright - healthcare for all!

A Note About Ordering

We Are Currently Unable To Accept Payment Online (our apologies to those of you that care), And May Or May Not Ever Wish To Go There Again. Please email us through this site & we will guide you towards ordering.

Disclaimer: We strongly urge all our customers, clients & friends to seek out their own information, consult with relevant health professionals, and make their own informed decisions about how to respond to a pandemic or any other medical condition. Please see our website terms and conditions and disclaimer details.


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Lomatium Root ~ aka Indian Balsam or Biscuit Root is considered "Big Medicine" by Native Americans ~ During the 1918 influenza epidemic, this traditional plant medicine was well documented as having saved many Native people's lives. In fact, the Nevada State Board of Health clearly stated that "no member of the Washoe, Paiute, or Shoshone tribes who included their native "Toh'-sa" in their treatment, perished from the influenza that swept the state of Nevada in 1918."
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Boneset is another incredible herb known as one of the safest, most reliable remedies used to relieve flu symptoms. It can act quickly to alleviate severe bone pain, reduce fever, and help clear upper respiratory congestion.
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Yin Chiao is one of the most valued Chinese herbal formulas for optimal health. The Yin Chiao products we offer from Planetary Herbals are made domestically to insure purity. Choose them for the onset of a cold or the flu.
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Elderberry Syrup
According to leading British herbalist, David Hoffmann ~ "The elder tree is a medicine chest in its own right." Research tells us that the anthocyanins in elderberries enhance immune function. The elder flowers and berries can be utilized as medicinal treatment for colds and influenza. The berries are anti-viral and the flowers astringent and anticatarrhal.
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